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  • Amir says:

    561. For the congress and cmisunmots, BJP freeing 3 terrorists tosave 100 Indian hostages is shameful. But freeing 4 militantsto save just a life of one daughter of its minister in Kashmir (RubinaSayed) is a natural political dilemma. What a double-standard?562. For the Congress and cmisunmots, if BJP starts yoga in schoolsin Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. it is communal, but if congress-ruledstates do so, then it becomes physical education.563. Around 4,000 Muslims in Wadala, Mumbai, attacked the police,apparently to prevent them from taking away one of theresidents for questioning in a molestation case (October 2007).Have you ever heard of Hindus attacking police for performingtheir duty? What makes Muslims support criminals?564. Since its inception, Tehelka (notorious for e2809cOperation Kalanke2809dagainst Narendra Modi) had gone bankrupt thrice. Althoughthe printing (of Oct. 2007 issue) would be around Rs.50/- percopy, the price of the magazine is Rs.10/- only. One wondershow Tehelka, with no advertisement revenue, has thewherewithal to do such a large sting operation. Probably thepeople working there live on air and water!565. Tehelka had not conducted any sting operation in respect ofSikh massacre, massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus inKashmir, the numerous bomb blasts, the Bofors, Vockers, infiltrationof Bangladeshi Muslims, etc. Done28099t you smell a Congress ratin the notorious e2809cOperation Kalanke2809d against Narendra Modi?566. When the news about the riots in Ahmedabad was beingbroadcast (Feb. 2002), NDTV showed a person plying a cyclerickshaw being attacked by a Bajrang Dal worker. When thereis no cycle rickshaw in Ahmedabad, how did NDTV get thisfootage? Is it not `manufacturede28099 to add fuel to the fire? Whatcould be NDTVe28099s motives?567.`Secularistse28099 say that the Military arrived in Ahmedabad on 28thand it was deployed by Modi only on the 1st, that is after 3days. But what they hide is that it was February 28th (2002)and the next day was 1st March. That means, there was nodelay in deploying the Military by the Modi government. Doyou understand how they fool you?568. Ram Vilas Paswan Lalu Prasad Yadav took a look-alike ofOsama bin Laden for campaigning in Bihar Election meetings.Paswan wanted a Muslim to become the CM of Bihar. Laluwas caught in the act of publicly distributing money to votersduring Bihar elections. Why was no action initiated againstPaswan and Lalu by the Election Commission?569. Where was our secular gang when Haji Yaquib, a minister inMulayam Yadave28099s govt. in UP, made a public appeal to severethe head of the Cartoonist in Denmark and promised to paythe would-be murderer a sum of Rs.50 crore? Why was noaction taken against him for instigating murder?570. Do you know that Good Friday is not a Holiday in America whichis a predominantly Christian country? But in Bharat with roughlytwo and half percent of Christians it is a Public Holiday. Is itbecause of our appeasement policy?

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