Fasting & Social Iftar

Yusuf Mosque encourages you to organize and hold social breaking of the fast every Monday and Thursday

The means of Fasting is abstaining completely from eating, drinking, intimate sexual contact and smoking from the break of dawn until sunset. However, the real purpose of Fasting is to gain more by giving up daily materialistic consumptions. To recognize hunger and thirst and feel for the needy. To obey God’s commandments and advice. To recognize the sanctity of marriage. To teach self the principle of sincere love to God. It is an institution that allows a Muslim to gauge his or her personal relationship with God. It is a powerful personal feedback system when used properly and sincerely. Many pious Christians and Jews performed fasting in the past and still do as prescribed by God.

Fasting teaches man a creative sense of hope, devotion, patience, unselfishness, moderation, willpower, wise savings, sound budgeting, mature adaptability, healthy survival, discipline, spirit of social belonging, unity, brotherhood and sisterhood.