We have a responsibility to foster relations between us and our neighbors and neighboring schools and anyone who is interested in visiting the mosque. We receive our visitors with open arms. To serve you better, please contact us before your visit either by email or through the website or onsite so we can arrange for a proper effective visit. In the past we have received numerous requests for visits from nearby college students, neighbors and others.

If you are a student doing research about Islam or the Muslim community and would like to meet with Muslims or observe a prayer, please request permission from the mosque’s staff. You should be able to verify your contact information and research intent (teacher, professor or school).

Dress Code etc.

Vistors to YUSUF MOSQUE are repectfully asked to observe the following dress code:

  • Modest, conservative, loose fitting clothing – this means:
    • Long sleeves – no transparent clothing, beachwear or tight clothing.
    • Long skirts (ankle length) or trousers
    • No transparent (see-through) clothing
    • No shorts
    • Shoes – as shoes will be removed on entering the mosque please wear easy-to-slip off shoes
    • Headscarf are required to be worn by ladies. This is essential – if you arrive without one, one will be loaned to you.
  • Please respect the Mosque as a place of worship and do not display any intimate behaviour such as holding hands/kissing
  • Please ensure that younger members of your party are well supervised and that all in your party respect worshipers
  • Please note that smoking, food and drink is not allowed in the mosque area.
  • Please kindly silence or turn off your cell phone


To better serve you, we have a dedicated team ready to assist you. They will contact you back at the latest within 48 hours.
For Student inquiries, interviews, research and more, please contact:
For all other non-student related visits, please contact: