Words of Encouragement & Testimonials

YUSUF MOSQUE cannot do what it does without the blessing and pleasure of God with what we do first and foremost, and without the dedicated and tireless excellent service of volunteers, guest speakers, sponsors, your presence and your kind donations. We feel moved and inspired every time someone praises what YUSUF MOSQUE has come to achieve since its inception in 2009. We love you back and look forwards to furthering the cause and purpose of the mosque and to being at the best aspirations of God as well as yours.

The following is a collection of what you are telling us, and we can only humble ourselves, thank you for the time you take to appreciate good things, and remember that none of this is possible without the strength, power and amazing help of our creator and mover God.

Best Regards



Brothers In Faith,
As salaam alaikum.It is another milestone that the Muslim community in Boston has gotten to. It is another privilege that Allah has granted us and indeed another chance for us ponder much on the many bounties that our Lord has unveiled for us. IT IS THE TECHNOLOGY TAUGHT TO MANKIND BY ALLAH for every humanity to benefit from. Some one is doing some thing on behalf of others and that some one is MASJID YUSUF-Boston.

I think Masjid Yusuf is acting as a liaison of not only individuals but also, of the Muslim Organisations in Boston. This is realised in the many Saturday Night Lectures that have attracted many Muslim Scholars from Muslim Centers in Boston, and my thinking is that the goal is to attract as many as Masjid Yusuf will find contactable and reachable.

I was among those who saw and listened to a lecture on “Friends and Protectors of one another” by Imaam Abdallah Faaruq right in my house on my computer. Isn’t that such a great privilege that we have to thank Allah for!!!
May Allah help us do similar to what Masjid Yusuf does and more In sha’Allah.
بارك الله فيكم والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Your Brother,
Abdallah Ddumba



Jazakallahukhair for the very organized, peaceful, wonderful and inspriational experience of Eid this morning. 4 years now as a Muslim I have never been able to hear the lecture at other boston locations. It was so quiet and I felt respected. You dont know how much this meant to me.

Maria Elena Fakhr
Friday September 10, 2010