Friends & Supporters

YUSUF MOSQUE is thankful to these people, institutes, organizations and congregations which contributed and still contribute in a way or another to the fulfillment of the furtherance of the efforts and purpose of the mosque.


  • Guest Speakers:
    • Mr.Safwan T Eid
    • Dr.Othman Mohammad
    • Mr.Burhan Al Fidi
    • Mr.Smail Fenni
    • Mr.Abdallah Ddumba
    • Mr.Rajab Mayanja
    • Ms.Zeineb Berdjane
    • Ms. Fatima Sattar
    • Mr.Taymullah Abdur-rahman
    • Shaykh Abdel Monem Mukassabi
    • Dr. Basem Jamal
    • Mr. Suheil Laher
    • Mr. Taha Abdel Basser
    • Mr. Daniel Haqiqatjou
    • Mr. Faisal Matadar
    • Imam Taalib Mahdee
    • Imam Abdullah Faaruuq
    • Imam Dr. Talal Eid

If you are interested in collaborating with us on a program or project, or would like to be a guest speaker or just say hi please contact us by email, stop by the mosque, arrange a meeting or write us a comment below.