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186 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton, MA
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Saturday Lecture
خطبة السبت
Building Community by Building Yourself

Join Boston Islamic Seminary at the Yusuf Mosque as they continue the traveling summer lecture series with Sheikh Basyouny. InshaAllah we will be exploring the topic of Building Community by Building Yourself by studying various stories from the Quran.

We know through the Quran that change doesn’t happen overnight. Allah says: “…Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves” (13:11). For us to develop as a community and ultimately as an Ummah, we must work hard on reforming ourselves. One person alone will not change the challenges we face as a society, but if everyone focuses on making themselves a better person, real change will begin to happen. Find out more by joining us through this amazing journey into the Quran as Sheikh Basyouny will share various insights on how to bring about change through the Quran.