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  • Christine Ann Hajjar says:

    We must alway remember the vicious attack on the mosque in Quebec City. We must do what we can to resist and fight back to protect ourselves from these infidels who are a scourge in the eyes of Allah. All great and powerful praise to Allah the Eternal. Love, Christine Ann Hajjar, 158 School Street #1 Roxbury, MA 02119.


    I would like to know if you some can speak Spanish

  • Christine Ann Hajjar says:

    We must all now stand together with Allah and not back down from the task of spreading the divine word of great Islam. with love, Christine Ann Hajjar, 158 School Street #1 Roxbury, MA 02119

  • Jennifer Tomaneng says:


    I wanted to send a message to the members of your community. I am not Muslim but I stand with you. If anyone in your community is being made to feel unsafe I will help in any way I can whether as an escort or as an advocate.

    You are not alone.

    Wishing you peace.

  • samaa says:

    hi i want samebody hlep me

  • Christine Ann Hajjar says:

    please send me worship service information and a copy of the Koran if you please. my address is 158 School Street #1 Roxbury, MA 02119. I am becoming a devout Muslim. Best of love, Christine Ann Hajjar

  • CommonSense. says:

    Please let people who are qualified in style and contents to stand up and deliver any message to the congregation. Almost everyday, it is the same person, brute, patronizing and always condescending delivering the same message about “Zakat Eid El Fitr”. Every Muslim and Muslima know that Zakat Eid El Fitr is upon us and needs to be paid. Also, if you are volunteering is your business and your business alone through which you seeking Allah’s pleasure I hope, so stop slapping our faces with it every time you pick up the mic and deliver your rants.

  • AYKAN says:

    Salam Aleikom
    Dear berother Liaba Khan

    We are sorry about what heppen for you and your family last time , we are against the discreminiation and the Racism ,and the reaction of
    the imam was not sage and polite as the prophet Mohamed(S)was with the Almouminin (Belivers), whatever was happen he should be and all should be sage and brothers .
    We need people sage , love Allah , love Almouminin, not people who threat Almouminin with harshness , and we say that for all people who workers specially in youcef mosque please please respect people inside the mosque …
    Brother Liaba come to pray and to practice your religion in Youcef mosque bring your family your kids your friends and if the imam or someone will tell you do not pray or do not practice the Religious rites tell him that I am not in your house I am in allh house ..
    Please contact us on the E-mail : we are a a group of muslems against the Racism and the discriminiation in the mosques…

    9 s)

  • AYKAN says:

    in the name of allah , the most gracious ,the most Merciful
    O people be brothers be peace , love each other , why everyone hate his brother for no thing , O imam be sage , guide people to the right way do not judge people before knowing the truth , God listen and see , God is witness for everything , what you will say to God at the day of the judgement if you eat someone`s right or you grievance him intentionally or unintentionally ..
    O people who come everyday to the prayer,to the mosque , for the love of God , stop talking behind the back of your brothers in Allah and Say lying and tossed believers , this place is Allah house ..
    salam aleikom..

  • matt2t6 says:

    Just want to thank the Yusuf Mosque.
    Imam Ibrahim Rahim was on television explaining how the Boston bombings were a sad time, and not to associate Muslim religion with extremist actions. I commend and thank you for publicly making these statements. We love Muslims. We accept all religions. That is part of what makes America a great country. Over the years we have made some mistakes and have tried to be ambassadors for the world. We only want peace. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, this is true. We allow religious freedom. We allow freedom. There is nothing wrong with that. We love everyone. Why can’t the world accept that this is peaceful, and not want to hurt or kill people? A large percent of the world is Muslim and this is great. Don’t hurt or kill people please. We can all share this wonderful world together. And this is what I saw from Imam Rahim. Going on television was a bold statement, but it shows us love and respect.
    Jazaak Allahu Khairan

  • Liaba Khan says:

    I feel very bad after Imam threating me and my gour years old child, he is so scared from the name of masjid,and imam was saying again and again i will call police, if you didnt go from here i just went there and he show his bad attitude, is place of discrimination,

    • Husainy says:

      Dear Liaba Khan

      I never seen any discrimination towards women or children at this mosque. When Imam delivers a lecture, we have to be quiet and listen. Also parents need to control their children from not making noises. Is this too much to ask for. we have a Social Hall, you can sit with your children downstairs and can listen the speech on the TV screens. I really like to meet and talk to you to clear the air and to stop making accusations about individuals. Stop putting nasty messages on this website.

      • Liaba Khan says:

        Assalamlikum Brother,
        What ever i wrote is basic true, and its effect on my child badly and imam threating me in front of my child that if you dont go i will call police so just think about and my young child is witness, and imam had bad behave with me, so why this masjid made for i was coming from some place i got off from 86 bus and i never wanted to miss my asar pray so i went there imam told me your son is active and doing some thing accused my son for nothing,you know just for few munite i went just for asar pray thats why pray behind this lind of imam is just wasting time useless, who hasd no ability how behave with childern and women, not everybody same but imam treating me and my son is so scared from imam now so i stop go to masjid because is so samefull if i talked to police regarding it that imam threating me and my son and now is he is sacred of that it was nightmare for my son and very bad effected on him, my five years old son is witness imam behave, also i am not coming for any saturday lacture it was just and accident i was missing my pray thats why, and my son was not doing anything, imam has to answer in front of Allah on they day of judgement who stop me from pray and accused my son for no reason, and pray behind imam is not good, first he should need to do practice islam and learn how behave with women and childern, after if he teach to other will be nice i know many muslim who are not imam better than imam ibrahim, i alwyas encouraged my son because i wanted he grow good muslim but what his experiance in mosque imam said to my five years old i will call police if you dont go and throw us out of mosque,Allah is mercy ful and Allah will difiently ask imam about his act in day of judgement,so brother i make complaint because that day i miss my pray and i cary for one hour, this is america and united state even christian behave with other is not allowed in law, special threating and child abused, just think in united sate threating and abused allowed it was abusing and i am very religious i couver my face and never wanted to hurt someone, thats what Allah and his rasool told us, imam should need changed his bad behave just think he stop me from pray i didnt pray, also imam lie that you son did something worn, Our beloved prophet S W a said muslim can do any thing but muslim can’t lie just think imam lie also, is place for descrimintaion, no thing more than this, i saw imam shuhib webb In ISBCC how he behave with kids he is so nice and humble and very nice imam.yousaf mosque is place for descrimintaion,

  • Liaba Khan says:

    This place is not place for worship is place for discrimniation, where imam threating me that if you ever visit here i will call the police, and many times they accused my innocent child for doing and breaking something there,i feel sorry for that to say is only place for discrimintaion where i went for pray and imam didnt let me pray and start accusing my child that he is active they should need to put camera, other wise there no truth and justice for even muslim child, i shouldnt need to pray behind imam because he accused my son for not fault and he is 4 years old just think about, I am muslim I love my Allah more than anything, but Allah want us to pray because of imam threating i stop coming yousaf mousque is really effect on my child and he is too scared now, whole time he is saying to me MOM i will not go to masjid other imam will call police on us, I dont care about my self but i do care about my four years old child imam threating effect him very badly,

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