Saturday Lecture Mar 06, 2010: “Friends and Protectors Of One Another” by Imam Abdullah Faaruuq

Join us this Saturday for our weekly lectures. Our guest speaker is Imam Abdullah Faaruuq. He is currently the resident Imam of MasjidAl-Hamdu Lillah, aka Mosque for The Praising of Allah, one of the oldest mosques in Boston established in 1973. The mosque is located at 724 Shawmut Ave, Roxbury, MA 02119. He is one of the pioneering Muslims of Boston, a bridge builder,and an example of the caring American citizen and a defender of the rights of Muslims in America. He is a member of the Islamic Council of New England and the Center for Jewish-Muslim Relations, serves as the Muslim Chaplain of Northeastern University as well as in various interfaith and social associations.