Saturday Lecture May 15, 2010: “The Economics of Servanthood” by Mr. R. David Coolidge

about Ustadh R. David Coolidge
R. David Coolidge is the Associate University Chaplain for the
Muslim Community at Brown University. Before Brown, he was
the Muslim Advisor at Dartmouth College (2008-2009). He
received a BA from Brown in 2001 and an MA from Princeton in
2008, with a focus on Islamic Studies. He was also previously
an Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Philosophy and
Religious Studies at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.
In addition to his academic work, he has studied with Muslim
scholars (‘ulama) in a variety of settings. He has written
articles on the adaptation of Islamic teachings to the
American context for a number of publications, as well as
given lectures on similar subjects at various universities
and mosques.