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This is an effort to provide an impact summary of one of the chapters read in the book club established at the mosque. Refer to the book club page for more information.

Hatred (Bughd in Arabic)

This Chapter starts off stating that Hatred in itself is not detrimental if its focused on areas of injustice like corruption,evil,disbelief etc, which Allah despises.

Islam defines Hatred as the strong dislike of an individual for no legitimate reason. The book brings up a relevant Hadith relating to one of the men of Jannah(Paradise). It relates the Hadith where the Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) pointed out a particular man who passed by who he said would go to Jannah.When the Companions investigated this person’s qualities that will take this person to Jannah it was found it was because he didnt have any hatred towards another human before he went to sleep.

The cure for this disease of Hatred as per the book is to specifically pray for the person/persons you may have Hatred towards in a sincere manner asking Allah to give him glad tidings in this world(Dunya) and Hereafter(Akhira).  Its also paramount that we should sincerely believe that this cure will always work.

The book goes onto mention the importance of the more powerful force of love in curing yourself from Hatred. It specifically mentions that one of Allah attributes is al-Waduud, the Loving one. A very popular and important Hadith follows in order to stress the importance of love of brotherhood in Islam. Its the Hadith in which the Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) said “None of you has achieved faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”( found in Bukhari and Muslim). This Hadith is found in Imam al-Nawawi’s popular small book of 40 most important Hadiths for every believer.

Imam al-Nawawi goes onto translate the above Hadith to define the concept of Brotherhood in Islam. Islam considers all human beings as one brotherhood, i.e Universal Brotherhood. In the case of love for a non-believer its the love of wishing that this person will enter into a state of total belief and submission to Allah before death overtakes him. In the case of love for a Muslim its that his brother will remain in the state of submission and total belief in Allah until his death. Imam al-Nawawi goes onto note that its highly commended to pray for a non-Muslim’s guidance to Islam. Imam al-Nawawi  also clarifies the islamic concept of love as opposed to the human love. He defines it as spiritual love that desires good and benefit for fellow human beings. There is also very important mention of the fact that not desiring good for others may turn into Envy, another desease of the heart. One danger of Envy is the unintential belief that you dont accept the qualities that Allah may have given the person you envy.

Allah knows Best.

I look forward to your comments and as well as any points i may have missed out or misquoted.