allstonhistoryThis Boston historical neighborhood goes back to 1646 when a Reverend by the name of John Eliot converted the local Indian natives to Christianity and established a “Praying Indian” village, Nonantum, on the present Newton-Brighton boundary. The first English families to locate here permanently crossed the Charles River from Cambridge a short time later, establishing the community of Little Cambridge, as Allston-Brighton was known before 1807.

Allston-Brighton saw many changes over the years most important of which was the absorption of the town into the City of Boston. This provided increased opportunities of growth for residents, businesses and institutions. Suburban development spurred. After World War II, Allston-Brighton struggled like many other communities around Boston, the US and the world. Today, the local organizations are working hard, with increasing success, to protect and promote the quality of life in this historically and culturally rich Boston neighborhood.

Yusuf Mosque is proud to be one of these respected organizations, and to be part of the blooming fabric of Allston-Brighton. We are committed to contribute positively to the renewal of Allston-Brighton and its community.  We are happy and excited to serve the Muslim community of Allston-Brighton.

Allston-Brighton hosts a large student and academic community. It lies near two major universities and other notable colleges. Harvard University expands its Business and Medical schools and athletic facilities in Allston. Boston University, Berkley College and Boston College also have campuses and facilities that run along Allston-Brighton. We feel privileged to be surrounded by educational institutions which we look forwards to cooperate with on a variety of programs.

We thank the leaders of the Allston-Brighton neighborhood for their support of Yusuf Mosque and continuing appreciation of what we do and stand for. We also thank organizations in the neighborhood and throughout Boston for their warm welcome.