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Bismillah Ar Rahman Nir Rahim

Relying On Other Than God

The above disease  refers to going against Tawakkul, an Arabic translation of total trust in and reliance of God. This is a source for the introduction of others diseases that are mentioned elsewhere in the book. If we are interested in getting benefits from mere mortals we are likely to neglect obligations we may have to God, who is the only person who can benefit us in the end. Further, reliance in other than God could stop us from performing recommended acts that could reward us unimaginable blessings and the mercy from God.  In the end, it will reduce our certainty in God(Yaqin ) , that he alone is the source of any good that happens or can happen in our lives.


The Imam warns us to keep the certainty of God in our mind and that any good or trials in our lives come from God. We need to seek refuge God the Almighty from all the desires and fears of this world that divert our attention away from God and his certainty.

Allah knows best.

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