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 Bismillahi Rahman Arrahim


The disease of fantasizing is concerned with engaging in irrelevant matters.

Example 1 – Lustful fantasizing about the beauty of a person who is married to someone else. According to the book what’s forbidden to do is likewise  forbidden as an object of reflection.

Example 2 –Imagining about is the faults of other people. Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) had said that there is a tree in Paradise reserved for persons whose own faults preoccupied him from considering others’ faults.Hence its better to focus on our own faults than to fall into backbiting and slandering of our own brothers.

Example 3 – Fantasizing about the nature of God’s essence. According to scholars, this type of fantasizing had caused erroneous theologies within pre Islamic communities.  The book recommends us to instead reflect on the attributes of God that havebeen revealed to us. Anything other than that  is beyond our mortal abilities.The hope is that the reflection on revealed attributes would deepen our love for God and follow his commands and prepare us for the Hereafter where we hope God will help us understand matters we didn’t understand in this world.

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